Our Investment Approach

Active management and a long-term investment approach to perform consistently over different economic and market environments.

Quality investment managers, selected using extensive research. Selected managers have a competitive edge, clearly stated investment beliefs, an appropriate investment approach and the resources to implement their approach.

A combination of investment managers to generate more consistent performance than would be possible with a small number of investment managers.

What is a Manager of Managers (MoM) investment strategy?

A MoM strategy selects a group of investment managers to make investment decisions. This is different from a single-manager approach where only one manager makes all the investment decisions.

What is Active Management?

Active management uses research, forecasts and the manager’s experience when making investment decisions. The aim of active management is to outperform the benchmark index by continuously reviewing the investments and making appropriate changes.

Every working Australian needs a super strategy – here are some ideas:

  • Advice Financial advice isn’t a guarantee that you’ll have more for retirement but it raises the likelihood of making good decisions. A good financial planner doesn’t just ensure your money is in the right investment options for your life stage and goals, they also find a way to put in more contributions and make tax-effective choices.
  • Salary sacrifice Consider a salary sacrifice arrangement to top-up your super contributions and get more money working for you. If your employer pays extra contributions from pre-tax dollars straight into your super fund (up to your ‘cap’), you are only taxed at 15 per cent on the money, not the higher rate you’d pay if the funds were taken as income.
  • Options Your weighting between defensive (cash, fixed interest), growth (equities, property) and balanced options should be calculated according to your risk profile, goals and life stage.
  • Change Invest in the market, not the fund. Avoid changing your options depending on fund performance: past performances are not an indicator of future performance.

Where we can help:

  • Consolidating all your existing superfunds into one.
  • Select an investment strategy in line with your risk profile and goals.
  • Find all your lost and forgotten superfunds.
  • Break the myth between industry vs corporate super funds.

Start thinking about a super strategy today, you may thank yourself in the years to come.

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