company history

  • 2013

    Start with a clear service offering

    This was the time when we started our company. We knew exactly the type of clientele we wanted to work with, with a clear service offering in mind. What drove us to start the company was the understanding that, we could provide a simplified service in a complex industry.

  • 2014

    First employees

    Due to stable growth of our client base we quickly realized that the need to employ more staff was essential in maintaining our high standards of customer service. This meant there was a need for a larger office. Conveniently we took the newly vacant space next door.

  • 2015

    First recognition

    At this stage we were now being considered a leading practice within our licensee group and amongst our peers within the industry. We further cemented our position within our licensee when our business were the recipients of the most Innovative Financial Planner for the year of 2015 as awarded by MLC.

  • 2016

    Working with individuals, couples or families

    The journey we have had over the past few years has allowed us to raise the bar with respect to the level of service our clients experience. Information Technology completely changes the way we analyse and present data. We have embraced new technologies and have ensured that our clients receive cutting edge analytics with respect to their every dollar. As we go on towards the future we intend to exploit the full potential of new technologies to power our services.

  • 2018

    Change of Licensee

    In the last quarter of 2017 we made a bold brave business decision to change our licensee. So we started the grueling process of filtering through 165 different licensees with a clear agenda in mind.

    We wanted a licensee who offered an extensive approved product list with multiple superannuation funds, investment platforms and insurance products that give choice to clients; offered a simplified and streamlined advice solution with a client-friendly Statement of Advice; Embraced the idea of a virtual/digital advice business that concurrently values education, training and compliance support.

    In February of 2018, after careful consideration and many meeting with various licensees we made the bold and brave decision to join Infocus Securities Australia Pty Ltd. A licensee which is not owned by the banks or the superannuation funds.

    Infocus has been providing financial advice for Australians from all walks of life since 1994.
    In 2017, Infocus was recognised by FinTech as a finalist in the Financial Advice Innovator and Investment Innovator Awards. We’ve also received a number of IFA Excellence Awards, including:
    Winner – Innovator of the Year 2015
    Finalist – Dealer Group of the Year 2015
    Finalist – Industry Thought Leader 2016
    Finalist – Innovator of the Year 2016
    Finalist – Best Client Servicing 2016
    Finalist – Dealer Group of the Year 2016

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